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Signature Weddings

Code's Mill on the Park is a full service wedding, and special occasions facility open year round. Since 2000, we have hosted over 800 weddings and  have evolved as Ottawa Valley’s classic wedding venue. We are located in a designated historic site, the beautifully restored Code’s Mill. The massive stone mill overlooking Stewart Park lends itself to memorable occasions, with heavy timber vaulted ceilings of Carding Hall, a magnificent three storey garden atrium, and wedding chapel at Parkside Loft. This is the perfect destination where you’ll find an array of specialty shops and services; handmade chocolates, small batch donuts made on site, gourmet dining, a brew pub, a picture perfect patio and an elegant flower shop all catering to your wedding needs. The meandering paths, bridges over the little Tay River, and perennial gardens at Stewart Park provide ideal locations for wedding pictures or outdoor wedding.

A Few Reviews

"We have received so many compliments on the venue and food! Guests could not get over how beautiful Code's Mill is and how delicious the food was. The late night snack was a huge hit! Thanks again for your amazing work." Brianna B.

"Fantastic venue!!!! Absolutely stunning inside and out, especially with the beautiful park across the street for pictures....Thank you!!" - Stephanie F.

"Everything was absolutely wonderful and we thank you and your staff for a great job!!" Faith B.

The Team & Our Commitment

This is our twentieth anniversary hosting weddings. Codes Mill on the Park is an experienced team that has worked together and hosted over 800 successful weddings and events. We’re a family run business and our success is entirely dependent on your satisfaction. For all of us, it's Personal. Our guests can count on exquisite food, guaranteed to be delicious, expert coordination, and gracious service. At Code’s Mill on the Park, we extend an invitation to relax and enjoy unforgettable events, superb food in an elegant setting.  Meet some of our key team who make it happen.

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John Stewart

Owner and chief of Operations

John founded Code’s Mill on the Park in 1999, after he and his sons completely restored Code’s Mill. He is a Landscape Architect and throughout his career has specialized in heritage restoration. John’s legacy and skill has contributed to the revitalization of many of Perth's main street buildings

and the recognition of Perth as significant historic community.

John and Rhonda can be found in the kitchen during events helping the staff with food service and making sure everything runs smoothly at the front of house.

Smiling Chef

J.J. Stewart

Executive Chef and Owner

J.J. is the executive chef at both Fiddleheads Bar & Grill and Code’s Mill on the Park. Since 1999, he’s been putting his creative spin and culinary expertise to every dish we serve. Educated at New England Culinary Institute, one of North America’s top culinary schools, J.J. brings a seasoned vision that starts with locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients and promises food that is exceptional in taste and guests hungry for more.


'I love great food and I'm inspired that every meal should be a work of art to match the special occasions we host'.

Executive Chef, J.J. Stewart 



Michelle Kerr

Event Coordinator

Michelle joined Code’s Mill on the Park in 2013 as our Executive Events Coordinator. Michelle oversees the planning of all weddings and manages most of the events. Michelle appears laid back as she walks couples through the process of planning their wedding. In reality she is like the swan gliding serenely along while under the water madly paddling. With Michelle no detail is left to chance.

Michelle helps coordinate the culinary team, hosts tours, and supervises setups. When she’s not working on an event, Michelle uses her marketing skills and tech savvy to promote the Mill.

From  factory to fabulous

Skilled craftsmanship of the early Scottish and Irish stonemasons is evident in the picturesque town of Perth, Ontario. Evidence of their enduring skill is seen in the beautiful limestone buildings lining the streets of this quaint yet elegant small town. One such building is Code's Mill. Situated on the Little Tay; this prominent structure dominates the corner of Herriott and Wilson Streets.

Code’s Mill, a designated historic site represents over 150 years of manufacturing activity. The building complex evolved between 1843 until it closed in 1998, producing wool and felt products. The grand Edwardian facade is composed of the distinctive Hughes limestone, a lavender tinted stone unique to Perth. The complex is one of Perth's most significant landmarks.   


When Code Felt closed in 1998, John and Rhonda Stewart began a major restoration and introduced new uses for this landmark. Today, after 20 years, this charming limestone complex with its central garden atrium continues to delight visitors as an amazing transformation from factory to fabulous. 

CMOP reno 0.jpg

The Atrium
Before & After

CMOP reno 2.jpg
In 1999,

John Stewart began a major restoration to Code’s Mill and introduced new uses for this beautiful landmark.

This impressive

limestone complex next to Stewart Park with the spendid banquet facilities of  Code’s Mill on the Park, make it a destination for weddings. Stroll through its central atrium where friends meet in a lively retail jungle. Robillard Hearing Centre a regional service is part of the Code's Mill community. Savour the aroma of handmade chocolate at the  Perth Chocolate Works, or have a decadent donut and coffee from Blackfly Grub Hub Donuts; dinner  at Fiddleheads Bar & Grill or drinks on the patio is a Perth tradition, and everyone loves to visit Kelly’s Flowers & Gift Boutique.