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Skilled craftsmanship of the early Scottish and Irish stonemasons is evident in the picturesque town of Perth, Ontario. Evidence of their enduring skill can be seen in the beautiful limestone buildings lining the streets of this quaint yet elegant small town. One such building is Code's Mill. Situated on the Little Tay; this prominent structure dominates the corner of Herriott and Wilson Streets. The stunning building is one of Perth's most significant landmarks. 

Code’s Mill, a designated historic site represents over 150 years of manufacturing activity. The building was home to Code Felt, a wool and felt production complex which evolved between 1843 until it was closed in 1998. The grand Edwardian façade is composed of the distinctive Hughes limestone, a lavender tinted stone unique to Perth.   


When Code Felt closed in 1998, John and Rhonda Stewart began a major restoration and introduced new uses for this landmark. The newly renovated Code's Mill quickly become one of Ottawa Valley's most popular classic wedding venues and a unique location for businesses on the lower level of the building. Today, after 20 years, this charming limestone complex with its central garden atrium continues to delight visitors as an amazing transformation from factory to fabulous. 

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In 1999, owner John Stewart began a major restoration of Code’s Mill and introduced new uses for this beautiful landmark.


This impressive limestone complex next to Stewart Park with the splendid banquet facilities of Code’s Mill on the Park, make it a popular destination for weddings. Stroll through its central atrium and meet friends meet in a lively retail jungle. Savour the aroma of handmade chocolate at the Perth Chocolate Works, or enjoy a decadent donut and coffee from Blackfly Grub Hub Donuts; browse the beautiful Kelly's Flower & Gifts Boutique and have dinner or drinks on the patio at Fiddleheads Bar & Grill overlooking the park.

The downstairs of Code's Mill is home to many charming businesses. Soak up the naturally lit atrium with its gentle fountain and lush greenery.